Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Days 6 and 7

I got a late start on day 6. After a much needed (and probably best) sleep in a week I headed out to get the mail only to find I wouldn't even have to go all the way to the mailbox. The order I'd placed from ARTchix had arrived and my mailman had graciously left it and the rest of my mail in the door. ARTchix to the rescue! I was already wondering what the challenge for the day was in the book but now with this delivery I was sure I could find something to do without needing the book for inspiration. Off to my studio again ripping open the package as I went. Here's what I found

Well, there was also the traditional chocolate that ARTchix includes with all their shipments, but that didn't make it as far as the studio...those of you who know me know I can't resist CHOCOLATE!  I'm not sure why I ordered the Halloween ATC creativity kit but when I was shopping around their site I just needed it.  I'm not usually a Halloween kinda gal but it came with some fun supplies and I came up with 2 projects so far using the kit.
"Mysterious" ATC

The first project was an ATC using parts of the kit, some fun black and white hounds tooth washi tape and some fabulous vintage German Scrap my wonderful friend Skye shared with me. After I finished the ATC I discovered a great background for a microscope slide project and decided it should be the first one I tried to solder.  I'd bought a soldering iron over a year ago with the intention of learning how to solder in my projects but just hadn't made it to that point yet.  I gathered up everything I needed and started down a road that was longer than I expected.  It took a bit and it's not exactly professional looking but I got the soldering done-the lumpy bumpy of it might just work with the theme of the project though.

"Just Batty" microscope slide pendant-my first attempt at soldering-I need a bit more practice but I don't think it turned out bad for a first attempt
Finishing up the pendant I looked at the clock and realized that Day 6 had dissolved into Day 7 and I was still in the studio so I decided to start on a new project for Day 7.  I gathered up a few more supplies and muddled together another ATC-by far not my favorite that I've ever made but it's done.

"Trace of Nuts" ATC
With a couple of days projects done I need to get out of the studio for a few hours and get some laundry done. The laundry fairy still hasn't shown up this week and I need to get packed for a road trip this weekend with the wonderfully fun Steve Dupuie to see Stevie Nicks in Chicago. Look out Chi-town! Shopping, food and fun with friends-some of my favorite things-I can't wait!!

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