Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 2

Well the prompt for day 2 is "What's your favorite animal? Use it as your inspiration" and it sent me thinking about how I was ever going to get todays project done. I enjoy animals but I've not really had one in my life on a daily basis for a while. Looking back my favorite pet growing up was our dog Wrinkles. Wrink, as we called him, died several years ago and I sat here pondering about how I was going to turn memories of Wrink into a project today then I remembered how much he loved to play-he would run for his ball forever or "work" at burying a bone under his blanket in the family room until it was just right.  Ok, now I had a theme-PLAY, but what was I going to do with it?  Then I remembered my friend Chrys' post yesterday about a challenge to create 4 inch "tiles" for an auction benefiting Reece's Rainbow-I now had a medium to work in and it was off to my studio to "create."

Reece's Rainbow is a Christian charity that assists with adoption of special needs children. Marion Smith of Prima Marketing is the one spearheading this project and I challenge each of my artsy/crafty ladies to watch the clip with all the info and then participate. Here's the link for the quick info and a longer version with all the info Huge Thank you goes to Chrys for posting yesterday!

An hour or so later I emerged with a (thankfully!!) completed project to send on it's way.  Here's a picture of the lastest project.

I'd love for you all to join me in sending tiles for the auction.  If you need help or want to work together to get a project done let me know!

I've gotta get on the road now-running late for another wonderful class at Assmeblage Studio!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 1

The first days challenge was to make something that fits in the palm of your hand using materials in your immediate environment. This was pretty easy as I had the pieces for a handmade matchbox (ATC sized) cut out and waiting patiently for me to assemble them...for days they'd been waiting to be assembled... so off to my studio I went to cut, glue and create.

This project also fit the bill for the ARTchix Studio's latest challenge-Spring flowers and I was able to scratch two things off the "to do" list with just one project! Oh joy!!!

I wasn't completely sure of what kind of projects I wanted to do for this 365 day challenge but I'm thinking it may be a year of Artist Trading Cards and containers or displays for ATCs. ATCs are a quick and fun way for me to incorporate art into my daily life but still learn new techniques and concepts (just on a smaller scale).

My New Year

After years of collecting...paper, paints, trinkets, tolkens and every other thing you may need to create art, my studio is overflowing.  My newest project, so to speak, is going to be a year of projects.  The goal create 365 projects in as many days.  Scary yes.  A challenge absolutely and hopefully a chance to grow as an artist and a person. To help me in this endeavor I picked up the book "365:a daily creativity journal: make something every day and change your life!" Using it and several other sources of inspiration I hope to complete this task and continue it as long as I can.

This being said I've always been one to procrastinate so I'm going to need help from all my friends and family to stay on task. For those of you who know me well, you know I have the attention span of a gnat! I'm easily distracted and frequently go from one project to another with amazing speed. In the words of Joe "the cake guy" I'm a bulimic crafter! One project leads the way for another with the remnants of the previous project strewn along the way. I'm hoping, with this year long project, to utilize some of the "orphans" who have been misplaced along this art highway and bring them into their glory in the form of a new project!