Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 26 and 27-Organizing, sorting and planning...

Day 26 of this art challenge was Easter Sunday. I was working the whole weekend so didn't head home to hang with the family, I slept in and then decided to get a little organizing and sorting done in the studio instead of diving into a fresh project.  An hour or so in my studio then I hit the shower and headed to work.

Day 27 brought about some planning, you see my friend and co-worker, Chrys, had convinced me to join a blog hop-my first. If you're not familiar with a blog hop essentially you go from one blog to the next in succession, they usually have a related topic or theme, reading and commenting on the blog posts.  The one Chrys and I are doing this week is an art technique hop.  Essentially we will be making a project using a technique, taking pictures of it and posting instructions or a video of how to do the technique.  Sounded easy...at first, then I started thinking about everything I had to do to get ready and have a project done.  Just the thought sent me rushing into the studio to start prepping!!!! ARGH...it may take me til Friday just to be ready.  I'm not going to post pics of what I worked on today-that would spoil the fun of Fridays blog hop but I will post a picture of the supplies needed for my technique as a tease and will let you all in on a little treat. 

Anyone who shows up on my blog on Friday and posts a comment will be entered in a give-away for the project I am making for the blog hop.  You do not have to be a member of the blog hop to participate but you do have to leave a comment.  Saturday morning I will randomly draw one winner from all those who leave comments on Friday's blog hop post by 11:59 pm (central time) Friday night. If a member of the blog hop wins I will send a few little extras along with the project posted on Friday-a little bonus for participating in the hop. So if you want to be the lucky winner make sure you check out my blog on Friday-looking forward to seeing you all there!

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  1. :) I'm no where near ready for the blog hop!