Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 3 and 4

After a busy night at work I made my way home to tackle the Day 3 challenge which was "Make something out of paper but don't use scissors or glue or draw on it." I thought easy...not a problem...this will be easy. I had a concept in my head and things should just fall together right? Not so much. After over an hour of struggling, frustration and multiple "re-dos" I still couldn't get the finished product I wanted and gave up. I found a glass of wine and camped out watching old episodes of "October Road."

Feeling like a failure because I couldn't complete the days task I realized maybe adding the stress of having to create something new based on someones random suggestion was too much to add to the stress of a crazy day at work and was just counterproductive to the task at hand. I decided from now on if I'm coming home from work and planning on working on that days project I would look at the suggestion in the book but if the inspiration for that specific project doesn't come to me in a timely manner I need to just move on to anything creative to keep the creativity going.  It may not be the task in the book but at least it's keeping me creating and in my studio which was part of the goal of this project.

A glass of wine, a good night sleep and the morning brought me to day 4.  After the fiasco the night before I decided to just do what I know and what makes me happy so I worked on finishing my project from the Thursday night class I attended at Assemblage Studio

When I came home from class on Thursday night I had a good start on the project but it had a long way to go. 

This is what I finished in class
I wandered into the studio and collected up a few supplies.

After another hour or so I had made some progress.  I'd created a mini cookbook out of a stack of papers Teresa had given out at the class and I'd gathered up a few other things from my "stash" to add to my project.

Mini cook book cover-complete with ruler for scale (as per Skye's request!)
I still have several sessions of work to complete this collage, embellishing the cookbook, adding words and details and a few more goodies but today was a much better creative experience than the stress of last night.

Work in progress-still a long way to go but looking better!
I plan on hitting the studio tomorrow and working out a few more of the kinks but am so thankful today was a productive and creative day!

Hope you all have a wonderfully creative weekend.  Don't forget the challenge for Reece's Rainbow-I have extra chipboard tiles if anyone needs a starting point. I'd love to share some with you.  Let me know if you want to be part of the challenge and I'll get you a tile.


  1. Thanks for the ruler! It's nice to know someone listens! She is fabulous. I love the cookbook!

  2. Thanks ladies! You're too sweet :)