Friday, March 9, 2012

New Adventures!!!

It seems like forever since I've posted in this blog...time and life just ran away from me.  Today starts a new adventure (and in turn an attempt to keep my blog more up to date). I embarked on a new journey and have become an Independent Close to My Heart Consultant-thanks to my wonderful friend (and now up line) Chrys Kamps.  Chrys has been encouraging me to do this for a long time...I think she started asking about 1 day after her consultant kit arrived in the mail-LOL! I held out for quite a while but have finally caved and took the leap-I'm hoping for a fun filled journey with tons of new experiences. As I anxiously await the arrival of my consultant kit I've set up my Facebook page, my CTMH ordering website and am updating here.  I'd love to hear from anyone interested in hearing more about CTMH or is interested in learning more about crafting with paper.  I intend to continue teaching classes at Assemblage Studio as I have in the past and would like to use this new adventure as another "excuse" to make as much art as possible.

Give me a few weeks to get my feet on the ground and then I'd love to entertain people booking home parties and bringing CTMH into your homes.  If you're interested in booking a  home party, a book party or an EZ-invite (internet) party let me know  and you too can be a part of the fun and creativity of CTMH!


  1. Saw an Assemblage presenttion the other day - very interesting and impressive !! ! ! Sounds like fun.

  2. I am very happy you decided to become a consultant. We need you on the team! You are super talented and happy to teach the art of creating and expressing yourself. I'm glad to see your blog up and running again. :)