Sunday, May 8, 2011

Days 33-39...Oh, what a week!

I know it's been quite a while since I've posted here but have no fear I've still been slogging through the art jungle.  Sunday was a day of sorting and organizing again with a few finishing touches on a project I've been working on for a while-still has a few steps left so I'll wait to post the pics.

Monday was a wonderful day with my good friend Skye and her lovely girls.  We finally had a chance to have our paper doll birthday party that was postponed due to rampant illness in her house.  It was so wonderful to see the girls having so much fun! Lila made a paper doll, a huge ice cream cone and a "pado" (for all of you out there not familiar with a "pado" it's Lila's version of a caterpillar).  Harper arrived home in the middle of the chaos and was upset we'd started without her but she too was soon engulfed in the swirl of paper, glue, buttons and other glittery parts and pieces of our art.  Time flew and the next thing we knew Grandma and Grandpa were there and we hadn't even thought about cleaning up yet.

Tuesday, Wednesday were dedicated to making a box for my friend Rich's going away party.

Handmade box for Rich
Thursday and Friday were filled with making handmade paper flowers and working on centerpieces for the party and party setup.  Friday night gave way to a wonderful gathering of old and new friends to celebrate a truly remarkable man.
A few of the handmade paper flowers for the centerpieces.

One of our centerpieces-thanks to the wonderful help of my co-organizers of the party. It took the 5 of us less than an hour to get them all set up and the rest of the room decorated

Centerpieces on the Appetizer tables

The honoree Rich, his wife Sharon and the party committee, sans Barb LeMense (who had unfortunately left by this point in the evening).
All that brings us to today, Saturday. I had the most wonderful day today.  It started with a fabulous Beehive Theatre class at Assemblage Studio with the amazing Tyler Lambert.  This astonishingly talented 14 year old designed the collage sheets used in this class and also designed the theatre assemblage we made in class.  If ever you get a chance to meet Tyler I promise you won't be disappointed-he's a talented artist and creative genius! His next class is already scheduled at Assemblage-a beautiful garden atrium assemblage piece.  I have SEVERAL hours left to complete this project but I'll post a sneak peek here because I just love it so much already!  After class I headed over to my friend Carol's (also my stand-in "mom" here in Green Bay) house for a delicious lunch, wonderful visits and conversations and a bonfire with her family and Skye's family.  It was a beautiful day to watch the girls run and play in the yard, creating fairy villages, playing on the swing and of course S'mores around the fire.

Bee hive theatre in progress

Close up of the bee hive-still a long way to go but it was so fun working on it.
It's been a full week-working nearly full-time, helping with the party, taking in a class, and two gatherings this week but it's been a great ride...quick trip home on Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day with my own mom and then I think I might just sleep in on Monday!

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  1. Awesome as always Dawn! No wonder you looked so "thrilled" to be at work today. lol :)